Coming to New York City--the Big Apple--on Vacation, a Tour, Special Occasion, a Visit?

You want the best experience in New York City!

You want the SteadyJoy experience!

$99.95 per PERSON or GROUP for up to 7 days includes:
Self-Guided Tours
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Personally customized, designed and arranged complete tour for you and your group plus your own customized, pocket-sized guidebook.

Hosted, Hop-IN; Hop-OUT Guided Tours
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Now, you can hop in and hop out of and hop back in a guided walking tour in New York City!

Specialty Tours

The SteadyJoy Vibe

COME experience!

Christmas at Rockefeller Center

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Sisters in Crowns

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Subway in Manhattan

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Liberty Enlightening the World

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Dream about the Big Apple. Then wake up with SteadyJoy in New York City! We’ll let you know what’s happening if you tell us how to reach you. No, we won’t spam you.