Starting at $125
For An Up-To-7-Days,
Full-City, Complete, Guaranteed, Self-Guided Tour!

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New York City is The Big Apple


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We always exceed your expectatons!

Live in a Steady Joy!

On all SteadyJoy guided or self-guided tours and at our special events, you and your group will come to love the sights, sounds, events, activities and even the smells and the pace of New York City as much as we do.

Experience the joys of the Big Apple with SteadyJoy.

We will always exceed all of your expectations!

Unique and exciting experiences

SteadyJoy offers unique and exciting new ways to experience and tour New York City with self-guided general and specialty tours and guided/hosted, customized, specialized tours and events.

We are the experts in customized group tours and outings in New York City.

Immersion in New York City

In a day, two or five days and even seven, SteadyJoy tour-guiding and tour-planning services will provide you, your group and guests with a satisfying immersion in New York City, enjoying and experiencing many must-see attractions, events, activities and sights and exploring the most exciting locations and landmarks in New York City--the City That Never Sleeps.

Our passions become yours

Our passions are New York City and its entertainment, arts, dining, theatre, live events, tours, sightseeing, travel and anything associated with having a good time, enjoying the Big Apple.

Your promises fulfilled

SteadyJoy covers all that you have promised to yourself and your guests and much more. We work seamlessly with you before and during the tour, but you get the credit and applause for a fabulous trip.

You are in control

Just tell us what you want to do, where you want to do it and when you want to do it and together we'll build a tour experience like no other!

We will provide all the resources you will need and create a unique itinerary and trip that suit your needs. SteadyJoy has an up-to-date list of attractions, sights, events, shows, insider tours, restaurants and more, with their prices. You can choose among them and/or add your own things or simply let us expertly suggest and choose some.

New York City

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Starting at $125
For An Up-To-7-Days, 
Full-City, Complete, Guaranteed, Self-Guided Tour!


All-day and night access to our SteadyJoy human tour specialists.


We are the experts in customized group tours and outings in New York City.

Since 1997, SteadyJoy has designed, led, directed, planned and hosted tours and events in New York City (and Chicago, Boston, DC area and Philadelphia)

Our Services

Self-Guided Tours

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Personally customized, designed and arranged complete tour for you and your group plus your own customized, pocket-sized guidebook.

Specialty Tours

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Our Unique Tours

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SteadyJoy licensed tour guides recirculate through New York City, visiting major attractions, sights, neighborhoods and special events, and giving expert commentary, suggestions and information and even answering customers’ questions.

Registered customers can join (hop in) or leave (hop out) any tour at any time and any place—as many times as they want.