Sweets in NYC


Grand Marnier Truffle • Violet-Infused Chocolate Squares • Red Fire Mexican Ancho & Chipotle Chilies + Ceylon Cinnamon + Dark Chocolate • Dark Chocolate W/Ginger, Wasabi & Sesame Seeds Truffles • Frozen Hot Chocolate • Hot Chocolate • Egg Creams • Fudge • Pralines • Whipped Creams in a Silver Chalice • Blueberry Cheesecake • Chocolate Caramel Pecan Ice Creams • Watermelon Sorbet • Dark Chocolate with Taleggio Cheese • Caramel-Apple Bars • Black-And-White Cookies—Frosted or Iced • Mudslide Cookies—Hot From the Oven While You Wait • Hummingbird Cake • Apple Walnut Cake • Apple Walnut Pie • Lemon Bars • Lemon Sunshine Cupcakes • Coconut Custard Cheesecake • Brownies • Scotch Bars

The Chocolates, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies, Candies, Cheesecakes and Creams in New York City Tour is a specialty tour developed by SteadyJoy. It's a unique, fun and exciting way to experience and get a real taste of the city!
SteadyJoy presents a sweet tour of the best shops and even street trucks that make and sell chocolates, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and cupcakes—and ice creams—principally in New York City. These are treats that you cannot get by walking into almost any other store in the USA . . . or most of the world.


Any type and flavor of Chocolates, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies, Candies, Cheesecake and (Ice) Creams you have dreamed of or can imagine can be found on this SteadyJoy tour. Taste samples. Buy what you want and eat there, take it with you or have SteadyJoy deliver or ship it to you at your home or to your hotel.

Each stop and shop has its own distinctive atmosphere, charm, attraction, allure and products.

There’s even a spot where you can design and specify your own flavors and have them made as you sip chocolate drinks, coffee or milk.


Our tour is offered in both guided and self-guided versions. On both, you get a personalized, customized, tablet computer "guidebook" that we call a PEC: Personal Event Companion. The PEC is yours to carry along. It contains descriptions of places to visit on the tour; other places for eating and drinking; Broadway theatre information; a subway/bus pass; discounts and SteadyJoy specials; maps; product order forms; contact information; pictures; rating and evaluation sheets and much more.

You’ll have the excellent PEC that will let you experience delightful NYC sweets and treats (and other foods and drinks) whenever you want, for however long you want and in any order you want. Take a few hours. Take a day. Take many days! Want to meet the group? Let us know and we'll tell you where we'll be. You can eat with the guided group, but snacks and meals are on your nickel and, as always, individual purchases, alcoholic beverages during meals, taxes and tips are not included and are extra.

We present 10 or more shops or places with the top Chocolates, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies, Cheesecakes and (Ice) Creams in New York City. Plus, we have added some wonderful places where you can sip wine...even some with wine and chocolate.

You sample (savor or gobble!) the products right on the spot, make purchases or put in orders to have SteadyJoy deliver or mail the goods fresh and quickly to your home, office or hotel. SteadyJoy can also send gift orders to your family and friends immediately or on special occasions later.

We encourage you to walk or take the subway or public transportation. Subway and bus passes are included. You have control over the actual pace and much of what you can do and see.

You’ll carry the Personal Event Companion with maps and all the information about the tour and the stores and their products. Easy-to-follow maps and directions are provided, plus SteadyJoy phone support. The Personal Event Companion information helps you select and purchase chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice creams and cupcakes.

For Self-guided tours, we deliver the PEC to you or you can pick it up at one of our many locations.

SteadyJoy gives you suggestions and plans for other activities and events to see and do later or earlier. We give you details of how and when to see and do them. We also suggest and assist with finding great restaurants, buying theatre tickets, and getting around the city.

We suggest that you also let us set up a Broadway show and evening or lunch meals for you. You choose your own show or allow us to pick one for you and your group (try our unique 1-2-3 Suggestion System for theatre shows and dining). Theatre events may also be Off-Broadway.

Theatre ticket costs are separate.

On the 7Cs Tour, here are some things you can see, nibble and purchase on a typical outing:

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