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We are the experts in customized group tours and outings in New York City.

Since 1997, SteadyJoy has designed, led, directed, planned and hosted tours and events in New York City (and Chicago, Boston, DC area and Philadelphia).

The company name "SteadyJoy" was derived from the phrase "I will live in a steady joy."

The phrase comes from a poem by Donald Hall in his poetry book The Happy Man and his poem "Mr. Wakeville on Interstate 90." In 2006, Donald Hall was named Poet Laureate of the USA.


Our passions are New York City and its entertainment, arts, dining, theatre, live events, tours, sightseeing, travel and anything associated with having a good time, enjoying the Big Apple.

On all SteadyJoy guided or self-guided tours and at our special events, you and your group will come to love the sights, sounds, events, activities and even the smells and the pace of New York City as much as we do. 


Dick, All I heard was good things about our tour from kids and adults. We had a ball and think everyone else did too. Today I wrote my follow-up letter to send out to the travelers and it took 6 pages! We appreciated you every step of the way, that's for sure. And I agree that we had a very good mix of learning and fun. One of my favorite moments came on the last day when one of my girls who had initially told me she didn't like New York-too scary-changed her tune and told me she felt a little like a city girl now. Then she took the lead getting us back to Bryant Park from Time Square. I love those stories and thought you'd like that one. Take care! Debbie

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Well you really made the trip for us! Thank you for all of your help and especially for getting me into a show! I couldn't have come to the city and left without a Broadway fix. That is exciting to hear about the play we saw. I hope you get to see it too. Thanks again...we all had a great time!

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Adam's mom wanted me to send you the text that Adam sent her. "Adam sent this to me just now... if we ever go to NY as a family we can only hope to get a tour guide half as good as him and buddy (the bus driver) always dancing and talking to everyone like he's known them for years. Me and him played a game to see who could stand up the longest on the subway and we both won he just cool!!!

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Dick, I wanted to wait to write till I was less exhausted and could say it right...you are awesome!! Thank you so much for all of your patience, understanding, humor, knowledge, and grace - best tour guide ever! We really enjoyed meeting you and spending so much time with you - I passed your sentiments on to the kids, who all send their best. Good luck, happy travels, and hope to see you again! Sandra

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Hello Mr. New York City, It was a pleasure experiencing New York City with you. We all learned of the cultural mix, the efficiency of mass transit, and of course the excitement of The Big Apple. Your passion for the city began to rub off on us and I thank you for that. Personally, I was impressed, as the warmth of the city does not show through in the media. I loved the walk across the Brooklyn bridge, the trip to the Statue of Liberty seeing the mighty lady was awesome, and the lights of the the night from the Empire State building. I could go on and on. :-} Thank you for a wonderful visit of your fine city. Sue

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING Dick and teaching us to all live in a state of "steady joy." When you left the airport, our flight was delayed so we all sat in the lounge to enjoy a few cold beers during our wait and we all talked about you sooooo much and how we had already begun missing you! : ) We all had such a good time...meanwhile...my body is still in recovery! I most certainly hope our paths continue to cross! Cody and I will likely start making plans for our next trip (with or without kids) and I'm sure I will be in touch with you very soon!!!!! Thanks again for everything! Peggy

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Hi Dick! It was our pleasure to meet you and have you tour us through your delightful city! We can't wait to come back!!!! I think I slept right through the last 3 days I was so exhausted-it was truly an amazing experience, one I know we will never forget! You have definitely planted the NYC bug in the students for sure, many of them were writing down things to do and see when they come back with their families!!! Your 7C's tour sounds increadible, as long as we could mix it up with a few "pickle-on-a-stick" stands I think it will be a winner;) Hopefully you were able to sit back and relax with some wine and cheese-hey, there's another good tour idea-"The wine and Cheese of NYC's"...I'll keep thinking of other ones! You most definitely exceeded our expectations, it was a real honour, yes, honoUr, to have met you, Dick. We'll keep in touch for sure, Christy:)

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Hello, Mr New York. It's Tracy from MS. It's been 2 months since you guided us through the heavenly streets of New York. I am still following several twitter accounts from New York and am obviously missing several wonderful summer events. I was just thinking of our wonderful trip and wanted to say hi. Hope you are enjoying the hustle bustle. Have a happy fathers day. Say hello to Buddy if you see him. Tracy

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

Hello! We are all here at school today and I have all my New Yorkers in class now and we miss you!!! We keep thinking that you are going to walk into our dance room with your red hat and yell "Mustangs!" I will send you some pictures tonight!....in the meantime I typed up a journal of our amazing 4 days in NYC...Ive attached it for you!

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SteadyJoy is considering a 5-borough special tour, including a eating experience in each. 

Dream about the Big Apple. Then wake up with SteadyJoy in New York City! We’ll let you know what’s happening if you tell us how to reach you. No, we won’t spam you.