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This is a pocket-sized guidebook that presents the “vertical” waters in the New York City area: water fountains; water sculptures; water gardens and pocket parks; water walls; water art displays and others. Tourists and residents often do not see or have any knowledge about the many wonderful fountains and water displays. The guidebook—through photographs, descriptions, statistics and stories--promotes the vertical waters as just as interesting to see and enjoy as the more well-known “horizontal” waters of the rivers, bays, sounds and Atlantic Ocean around New York City, albeit on a smaller, more personal scale.

The guidebook stands on its own for anyone who wants to discover and enjoy these special treasures and attractions that are unique to New York City or it can be used along with other guidebooks and travel information while on self-guided or guided tours.

These water items are very much akin to the sculptures, architectural structures and embellishments, and the art that abound in every park, along the streets and in public and private buildings. Like those objects and displays, the vertical waters add to the richness of the cultural fabric of the city and are just as significant to the aesthetics and enjoyment.

Vertical waters included in the guidebook are inside and outside public and private buildings and areas. They range from the famous to the obscure, but interesting and remarkable, from the Bethesda fountain in the middle of Central Park to the off-the-beaten-path waterfall in the Rambles a few hundred feet away, from the cascade behind the famous Rockefeller Center skating rink to the walk-through water tunnel between 46th and 45th streets, and many more.

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On the NYC Essentials Tour, here are some of the sights and attractions you may see on a typical outing:

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Manhattan is an island, which, of course, means it’s surrounded by water. Everyone can name those horizontal waters: the East River, Hudson River and Harlem River. In addition, looking from the lower tip of the island we see more horizontal water: the confluence of the East and Hudson Rivers with the Bays and beyond that the Atlantic Ocean. In New York City, there are also great vertical waters. These range from the well-known fountains in Central Park and Midtown to fountains and waterfalls in apartment and business buildings; water sculptures in pocket parks; water walls, curtains, and walk-under bridges a few feet from busy 42nd Street, famous paintings of vertical waters in museums, and inside and outside water art displays.

Apollo Theatre
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park
Chrysler Building
El Museo del Barrio
Flatiron District
Grand Central Terminal
Guggenheim Museum
Jewish Museum
Lower East Side
Madison Square Garden
Museum of Modern Art
New York Botanical Garden
Plaza Hotel
Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty
United Nations

Battery Park
Brooklyn Bridge walk
Central Park Zoo
City Hall Park
Ellis Island
Frick Collection
Grant's Tomb
Katz's Deli
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of the City of New York
New York Public Library
Port Authority Bus Terminal
Roosevelt Island
South Street Seaport
Theater District
Trinity Church
Alexander Hamilton Grange

Bleecker Street
Carnegie Hall
Empire State Building
Garment District
Greenwich Village
Castiron Buildingd 
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Movie locations
New York Stock Exchange
Radio City Music Hall
Saint Patrick's Cathedral
St Paul 's Chapel
Theodore Roosevelt House
TV Show Tapings

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